Helping with sales recruitment

Recruiting additional sales staff, or your first sales person can be very daunting.

Aside from the interview time and effort, the costs involved can be significant.

A new sales person may well take from 3 to 6 months to settle into a role, which is a significant investment for any new SME...especially if the candidate doesn't work out.

As an SME recruiting a sales person you have many options:

- recruit internally

- recruit externally yourself

- use a recruitment consultant

- partner with a sales organisation

All of these options carry varying degrees of cost and time.

At Your Business Toolkit, we can help make the process of recruiting a new sales person that bit easier.

We don't recruit new candidates for you, although we can advise how you can do this. We make sure that you make the best recruitment decision possible for your business.

Depending upon your needs, we can:

- sanity check whether your new sales role can deliver the growth that you are expecting

- develop your initial job and person specification, to make sure we identify the right individuals

- help with interviews, providing objective questioning to find the right candidate

- profile check your candidates, to check whether their profile matches their interview responses

- create an initial training plan for your new sales person, so they deliver for you faster

To find out how we can help, contact Your Business Toolkit for more details.