Social Media Masterclass

This 1/2 day workshop covers the practical implications of social media upon your business, and explores new ways of working in more detail:

Cost per person from £ 55pp. Reductions for multiple bookings and charities.

  • How to build fans/followers that are relevant to your businesses
  • Defining objectives for your social media campaign(s)
  • Choosing the right strategy for your business
  • How to implement your social media strategy to deliver your objectives
  • Measuring the success of your campaign and reviewing activity
  • Relationship building
  • Managing inbound and outbound news
  • Event promotion and organisation
  • Assigning internal management and resources
  • Policing social media
  • Tone of voice
  • Planning campaign actions
  • Integration with offline activity
  • Our litigious society
  • This workshop uses practical tips and ideas, including break out sessions, which will help you to further develop your social media strategy.

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    Customer Reviews

    Informative and Useful
    Reviewed by Marie Peacock from Kirkwood Hospice

    This was an informative and useful workshop - wish it had been a full day as it could have explored so much more. Very grateful for your support of charities, enabling us to think afresh about how we connect with our audience!

    August 2012
    Excellent foundation
    Reviewed by Lydia Rain from Leeds

    Timely and pertinent, most appreciated. Thought it might be "button clicking 101" but it was just the right thought-provoking toolkit for my organisation, focusing on WHY we might use social media. Approachable and lucid speakers, great resources.

    August 2012
    Reviewed by Jeanette Lodge from Denby Dale Centre

    I think I needed a more basic introduction to social media as I have never used anything other than e-mail and know nothing about how to get on or use the media. In your defense, I must say that that is because I am not sure I want my life available to all, but I can now see that the various apps have a use within organisations and will be better able to discuss possibilities with staff who do know what they are doing. Certainly worth the time spent with you.

    July 2012
    A lot still to do
    Reviewed by Tony Holdich from Bradford

    I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and got a lot of ideas out of it. Great presenters who radiated enthusiasm for the subject and clearly demonstrated how our organisations could benefit from Social Media. A follow up surgery might be a good idea once we have had a chance to practice what we have learned.

    July 2012
    Reviewed by Sebastien Cross from University of Sheffield

    The day provided a fantastic insight into the utilisation of the growing world of social media for business, looking at the possibility to integrate traditional marketing fundamentals with changing dynamics in order to engage effectively with customers on this exciting and fast moving platform.

    May 2012